26 September 2021

Making Money with Articles: The Importance of Keywords

Keyword density and positioning are very important parts of optimizing your articles for search engines. Search engine spiders scan a page in a way that makes it crucial to place your keywords where they will be discovered and acknowledged as a keyword, so that your short article will come up when somebody searches for that keyword.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word that is going to be put in your article numerous times, not simply when as that would make every word a keyword. When a spider sees that you have a word put several times in a short article, it will identify that your page may be helpful to users that search for such a keyword.

Over Optimizing Your Articles

It is very important to note that there is likewise such a thing as over enhancing your articles for specific words, this is understood as “keyword stuffing “. When you stuff keywords in a short article a spider will detect that you are attempting to fool it into placing your post high in the search engine results for that word, and will instead punish your site and your page for doing such. This might even impact the rankings of your other pages or get your website blacklisted from a particular online search engine if you are discovered keyword stuffing a lot of times.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is how numerous times your keyword is put in your short article. Most use a portion to figure out how numerous times they will put a keyword in an article. For instance, if you have a 500 word post and wish to achieve a keyword density of 5%, then you will need to have the keyword in your post exactly 25 times. You can discover hundreds of resources and guides recommending one keyword density over another and the reasons behind the reasoning, nevertheless, in the end you will have to determine which density is more profitable for your posts. Each web designer as their own density that they like to achieve based on previous results. As long as you do not over enhance and you are making sufficient earnings from your rankings, then you can select whatever keyword density you like.

The Right Density

No matter what specific density you select, it is important to place keywords so that there are more at the start and end to produce an hour glass impact. Having the best keyword density in your post makes it more most likely that you will earn money off of that post because it will rise in the search engine results and be seen by more people.

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